The Ways to Manage Android APK files

It is very vital to own a classic phone nowadays. Most people must inquire of several features of the phone even before they get into their pockets. Some will seek to have a phone that has a camera with high resolution. Others will look into the capacity of the phones before buying. The technology has brought the generation of a lot of phones. Of late, most people have become mad of purchasing an Android phone, with the shoppers making massive sales because the market has boomed. Still today the android phones are unbeatable in the market for technology. Android is an open source mobile operating system with the massive user base and simplified mobile app development process. Enterprises are leveraging Android and creating custom mobile apps that solve custom problems and increases value for their businesses. Managing the android APK apps means that you get more support and flexibility. You can track down and install an older fashion of an app before you get a message from rendering it expired. Still, you can install apps that are not yet available in the play store. Discussed below are the ways that you can use to manage Download uc browser files.


It is an all in one toolset to back up, export, import and manage android APKs. Apart from being powerful, AppWerabbit is also colorful and attractive to use. If you like to manage or even store your APK files externally, you can use Appwererabbit to make backups and export them all to your memory card. Also, you can send individual APKs to other apps on your phone. Sending files to external in batch apps is not possible. Instead, you can use a third party file explorer.

App backup and restore

This is one of the most popular APK management apps around. With a simple, robust interface, app backup and restore can be used to backup and restore the apps like what Sapp on your phone.

APK file manager

If you manage your Download WhatsApp APK files locally on your laptop, then you should also have APK file manager by BDfreak. This video utility helps you collect APKs that are scattered around your laptop in one folder. Your APKs are then renamed and moved to a human-readable folder structure, and duplicate are spotted in the process.

APK Downloader

There is a way to track down APK files, most of them involving a lot of googling or downloading directly from developers' trends on forums.